How Yoga Retreats Are Like the Perfect Pair of Jeans for the Soul

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I think all of you yogis out there can remember the day you fell in love with your favorite style of yoga. With a special feeling of coming home and a unique thrill of what’s to come, the beginning of your yoga journey was a lot like finding the perfect pair of jeans for the soul. You want it to fit like a glove, complement your assets and make you feel like the most authentically badass version of yourself.

Choosing the right yoga retreat is no different. While it may often seem like there’s about a billion and a half to choose from, in the end, you want to discover what’s best suited to meet your goals and needs. But how do you find the perfect fit?

Here’s a rundown that might help.

If you’re a…

Wanderlusting Explorer . . . bust out a map or the ol’ bucket list, and make your choice based on a place you’ve always wanted to go. Looking to dive head first into the foreign cultures of a place you’ve only read about in books, or catch some rays and waves between feeling the warm, golden sand of exotic beaches between your toes? Whatever it is, pick a place you’re ready to explore far and wide, and take by storm. Keep in mind, you need not stray far from home to have an amazing experience. Check out destinations with short flights from your home airport. Not to mention, these flights may be easier on the wallet if you’re looking for a more affordable option.

Diehard Yogini (or Yogi Newcomer) . . . Retreats are the perfect way to delve deep into your practice no matter your skill level. So focus on finding the people and support you want by your side for the journey — including your fellow travelers. Whether you’re traveling with your trusted yoga teacher, your bestie or this is a first time solo mission, yoga retreats have a way of fostering a camaraderie that can lead to lifelong friendships.

Thrill-Seeking Adventurer . . . opt for a retreat with a side of adrenaline – one that’s action-packed and keeps you on your toes. On the hunt for a little yoga with a dose of some good fear butt-kicking, like skydiving or zip lining? Or what about hiking, mountain biking, surfing, SUP or even boot camp? The possibilities are endless. Narrow your search by your desired level of excitement, even if that means going out and finding it yourself. I dare you…

Luxury Lover . . . treat yourself to some relaxation like massages, spa days and comfy king beds to accompany your practice; and maybe even some evening wine and lavish dinners while you’re splurging. You’ve earned it! When’s the last time you indulged yourself anyway?

If you’re a little bit of everything, Trip Tribe has got you covered. In the end, yoga retreats offer everything from a sense of growth, community and independence, to clarity, inspiration and even a new beginning or a sweet escape. If you’ve been feeling like switching things up from your studio or home practice, or just need a chance to relax and recharge, now’s the time. Whatever you hope to get out of your experience, and wherever in the world that may be, the right retreat for you is ready with open arms. All you have to do is say yes.

Travel well.

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