How to Choose a Retreat Destination

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There are so many places in the world you can host a retreat, choosing just one can be a challenge! When you pick a destination, there are a lot of things to consider — it’s not quite as easy as placing your finger on a spinning globe. As experts in retreat planning we’ve pulled together a few ideas for you to consider when you choose a retreat destination:

What’s on your bucket list?

Where have you always yearned to travel? Chances are many of your potential guests have wished to go there too! Whether it’s the lush jungles of Costa Rica or the soft sand beaches of Mexico, if you’ve dreamed of it, you can likely get others to dream of it too.

What’s close to your heart?

On the other hand, traveling somewhere you’ve already been is an amazing opportunity to share a destination with others that has meant something to you. Your enthusiasm for a location and your past experience there can be infectious.

What will it cost to travel there?

Air travel can make our planet seem so small. You can fall asleep in one timezone and wake up an entire world away! But airfare these days does not come cheap – and destinations further flung can mean long layovers, connections and high price tags. Be sure you look into flights in your chosen destination before settling on a location.

What kind of travelers do you have?

Be realistic about the needs of your guests. Many retreat destinations are remote eco-lodges with no wifi or air conditioning set close to nature. If your guests are unlikely to be open to the charms of waking up with the howler monkeys and greeting a lizard on their doorstep, avoid more “rustic” destinations. Guests will be disappointed with their experience once they arrive if you choose something outside their comfort zone simply because cheaper is easier to sell. Be sure you set their expectations appropriately to what they will arrive to in your chosen destination.

What’s your target guest number?

When you’re looking for a destination, it’s important the location can accommodate all your guests. While selling out a retreat is phenomenal, running out of space and leaving people disappointed is not. You should also keep in mind that some retreat destinations, much like hotels, will have other guests or even other retreats taking place while you’re there — you cannot always expect to have an entire property to yourself.

What’s the weather like?

Google is your friend. While you might have the second week in August free, perhaps this is not the best time to travel to the Sonoran desert — even if it is a “dry heat”. Try Googling your destination to learn about typical weather during your planned visit. Try something like : “Tamarindo, Costa Rica + September Weather”

What amenities do you need?

Are your guests going to want to post to Instagram several times a day, or can they go a week without wifi? Do you want to be able to walk to the beach or is a mountainous getaway more your style? Is getting a massage on the must-do list for all your travelers? Is lounging by the pool on the daily itinerary? Be sure you check out exactly what is available — if it doesn’t explicitly say something is there, do not assume it is available.

It’s a lot to think about! Once you’ve had a chance to consider all your needs and those of your guests, check out what’s available on Trip Tribe Wellness, choose a retreat destination, and start planning your next retreat!

Travel well.