How Does Trip Tribe Work?

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Ambassadors | 0 comments

As Trip Tribe Wellness continues to grow and reach new people, we are often asked a version of, “So how does this work?”
Keep reading for the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

  • Do I have to be a yoga teacher? Nope! We work with a variety of wellness leaders, including yoga, meditation, pilates, etc. and can help you find the perfect destination for your group no matter what it is that brings you all together!
  • When should I start planning? We recommend launching your trip 6-9 months in advance of the start of your trip. This ensures that you get your top choice of destination and gives your community time to plan and finance the trip.
  • Where can I go? We have a curated list of destinations and venues that we work with – the relationships we have formed with the owners and managers help us provide you with the best experience possible! When you request a retreat, a member of our team will recommend a property within our repertoire based on the group’s needs and provide specific pricing for the requested dates.
  • How big does my group have to be? We require a minimum of 8 paying guests (at most venues) to run a retreat, but the maximum number of guests depends on the venue you choose. We request that each trip has 5 guests sign up in the first 30 days and 8 sign up in the first 60 days, so you don’t need to have all 8 before you get in touch with us! One of the biggest perks we offer is that once you hit 8 paying guests, one trip leader qualifies for free shared accommodations!
  • How do my guests reserve their spot? Guests must make a $295 non-refundable deposit to secure their place on a retreat. After this, guests will have the option to pay for the retreat in full, or in installments if they prefer.
  • What’s included? Our team is here to deal with the details so you can focus on leading your group! We will help you choose the right destination for your group, coordinate with the venue to get the pricing details for the dates you want, add on activities, and officially launch your trip. You’ll get a custom landing page on our website where your clients can read about your retreat, look at gorgeous photos of the venue, and register. We also handle all guest payments, including credit card fees, and all deposits or payments to the venues.
  • What isn’t included? Trip Tribe does not include flights in the package price or travel insurance (and travel insurance is required). Additionally, while we will promote your trip on our website and social media, generally about 90% of attendees come from the trip leader’s community and only 10% come from Trip Tribe. We can provide some best practices for marketing as well as tips that past Trip Tribe Ambassadors have shared, but trip leaders are ultimately responsible for reaching the minimum number of guests for their retreat.
  • What is my financial responsibility as the trip leader to launch a trip? The trip leader is responsible for paying a refundable $295 deposit to reserve dates before a trip launches. 
    • Once the trip has 8 paying, registered guests within the first 60 days, the trip leader qualifies to receive this deposit back and would receive it with their full trip leader fee that is to be initiated within one week after the trip ends. If the trip does not have 8 paying, registered guests within the first 60 days, the trip leader would forfeit this $295 deposit. 
  • Where do I start? The best place to start is our website, where you can learn about each of our curated destinations! Once you find something you like, you can contact us about where you’d like to go and what dates you had in mind. Not sure what will work for your group? Email our team information about your community, and we can offer some suggestions for venues that will fit your needs!