Fit Travel: How to Find a Gym When You’re On the Go

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Be Well., Guide | 0 comments

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you’re not totally SOL. No excuses for missing leg day this week because you’re traveling. Here are our top tips to fit in a work out when you’re on the go.

Check for Reciprocity

Your hometown gym may have reciprocity with gyms in other cities — especially if you belong to a larger chain. Check your gym’s website for details.

Download ClassPass

If you haven’t gotten ClassPass yet, now may be the time. You can use ClassPass Flex to join a class — even when you’re not in your home city. Just update your Flex location from the My Info section of your account. (Don’t forget to reset when you get home!)

Ask the Front Desk

Hotels without gyms often have free day passes to a gym located nearby for their guests. Even if they don’t have free passes, the concierge should be able to tell you the closest gym and the going rate for a day pass.

Go Gym-less 

That’s right. No gym does not mean no work out. If you haven’t tapped into the bodyweight fitness craze yet, you’ll be amazed at how punishing some of these no-equipment-necessary routines can be. Think pistol squats, v-sits and bear crawls. (Oh my!)

Travel well.