Better Instagram Pics Through Travel Philosophy

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Guide | 0 comments

Six travel philosophy tips to step up your Instagram game before heading out on your next vacation.

1. Live in abundance.
Take a lot of shots. More options is always better. Not every shot is going to be good and this will allow you to be selective about what you spend time posting and editing.

2. Get on the level.
Use the grid feature to level your photos with the horizon, otherwise everything looks like it’s sliding right out of the frame.

3. Be in the moment.
You never know when the perfect picture presents itself, so be at the ready! The most memorable pics can come at the most unexpected time.

4. Change your perspective.
Don’t just stand there! Get low and shoot at an upwards angle when taking group photos or try shifting your position to reframe your subjects.

5. Keep things in focus.
Try tapping around the frame to change the field of focus. Far, mid and near field perspectives can totally transform a photo and where the viewer concentrates.

6. Share.
When you do post, use #triptribe or tag @triptribe  — we share lots of photos from our trips with all our followers. We’d love to see how your trip is going!

Travel well.