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We live by an ethos:
Good people + incredible destinations + awesome activities = Life-changing trips.

How it works

Who you travel with matters. That’s why we’re here to make sure your trip is full of folks who are riding the same wave when it comes to vacation. To help us find the right trip for you, simply:

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The Team

Dave Aidekman

Founder of the Trip Tribe

Dave Aidekman is an experience junkie who vacations either with ski boots or barefoot. His best experiences include skydiving in New Zealand, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, skiing America’s top resorts, landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier, leading yacht trips in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, and swimming at the base of the world’s tallest waterfall in the Amazon rainforest. Before The Trip Tribe, he was a partner in two previous travel businesses, was a White House and State Department national security official, and business strategist. Super Power An infinite appetite for chocolate.

Joe Dzikiewicz


Joe Dzikiewicz would rather know something about everything than everything about something. He'd rather be good at a thousand things than superb at one. He's a bit of an adrenaline junkie, something that helps when working for a startup. He joined the tribe in 2013 where he builds the software that lets you order your trips. Favorite Trip Strolling the paths of ancient Rome entertaining his wife with tales of the Caesars. Super Power He always knows where his car is parked - not as flashy as bending steel in his bare hands, but most days a lot more useful.

Allie Launius

Director, Travel Sales

Allison got the travel bug when studying abroad in '08, which turned into a never-ending quest to explore and experience different cultures. One of her favorite things to do while traveling is to find out what festivals are going on and hopefully they involve copious amounts of local food. Next on her festival bucket list is the Holi Festival that takes place in India. Favorite Trip Sleeping in a 5-story high treehouse in the Laos jungle. Windy nights were my least favorite. Super Power: Super Power To speak every language.

Lori Olson

Lead UX Designer + Front End Developer

Lori Olson lives for great web experiences and design, and frequently dreams of traveling the world. She graduated with a BFA in Film/Digital Video from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Her degree in film offers a unique perspective of user experience and engagement. Favorite Trip Snorkling over shipwrecks off the coast of Bermuda. Super Power The ability to never get cold.

Katharine Rust

Managing Editor

Never one to shy away from a good time, Katharine would like to imagine that she's spent her career working on a Pulitzer-bound article about the intricate layers of steroid use in baseball... but she's mostly spent her time making herself laugh at the thought of just how far she can push the boundaries of what's appropriate in corporate correspondences. Her editorial experiences reach from Time Out New York to The Atlantic to LivingSocial and many writing gigs in between. Her travel experience has taken her to many countries across several continents. Favorite Trip Either traipsing across Ireland or taking on Oktoberfest - both with her best friend and both involving a lot of beer (clearly there's a theme). Super Power To be a master statistician. Think of the possibilities

Jared Hutchinson

Director, Travel Sales

With a background in international development. Jared has found himself traveling and working all over the world - Bolivia, Nicaragua, Serbia, and Kenya to name a few. He often finds himself "off the beaten path," probably due to his terrible sense of direction, but he'll claim he just loves uncovering unknown places. He's currently eyeing up a trip to Colombia in hopes to become a famous cumbia musician and hopefully makes his way to Cuba and Myanmar before they change too much. Favorite Trip Nothing will ever top La Feria in Sevilla - dancing la sevillana until the sun comes up. Super Power To master every instrument, voice, and dance for all styles of music.

Marc Bowers

Director, Travel Sales

"Marc Bowers" (obviously a pseudonym) developed his love of travel during his years as a global fugitive. In that time, Marc managed to mastermind the overthrow of four small governments across Latin America, Africa, and Southeastern Asia. He counts as his proudest accomplishment the moment in 2013 when he held three places on Interpol's Ten Most Wanted list under three different aliases. Favorite Trip Flying nap-of-earth over Victoria Falls in a vintage C-47 ferrying arms to one of his client armies. Super Power Invisibility to security cameras.

Meg Aidekman

PR & Social Strategy

Meg Aidekman is an accomplished traveler, skier, and sailor with experience living in Europe and around the U.S. She is a marketing, public relations, communications, event execution, social media, and design professional. Super Power Getting reservations at the best restaurant in any city in the world.