8 Guests Who'll Attend Your Next Retreat

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Ambassadors, Inspiration | 0 comments

The Newbie

Some guests see a retreat as a great way to dive head first into a lifestyle change. For them, though they may be a beginner, a retreat helps them transition to make health and wellness a part of their everyday life. A retreat can be an opportunity to turn a newcomer into an enthusiast. For a first time retreat goer, they may be interested in a destination somewhere closer to home — like Mexico — that can be easier to get to.

The Bestie

They’d follow you anywhere — especially somewhere exciting. Anything you do is more fun just because you do it together. They’ll be there to back you up and keep things fun. So before you decide on an exact date for your next retreat, be sure they pencil you in on their calendar. If you’ve got your bestie onboard maybe you’ll want to travel somewhere you’ve never been before — say Bali perhaps?

The Party Animal

For this guest, a vacation is time to get down and turn it up. They are here to cut loose. Maybe their day-to-day life is full of stresses that restrict them from truly letting their hair down, so now’s the time. Find ways to embrace their fun, taste the local flavors, harness their energy and get the good vibes flowing for everyone.

The Groupie

They’ve followed you from studio to studio, now it’s time to take them somewhere exciting. For them this retreat is about you and your teaching philosophy. For these guests, it will be critical that you take the time to connect with them individually. We recommend beginning the retreat with one-on-one time scheduled to discuss their goals, and how they can get the most out of this retreat. Consider an exotic location to keep things fresh.

The Digital Devotee

This guest is constantly connected. They’ll be sure to dutifully (and beautifully!) document every moment of the trip on Instagram. As they seek their next selfie or wifi connection, try to find ways you can help them truly unplug. Consider a location like Costa Rica where they might be able to concentrate on the sounds of the actual jungle rather than the urban one.

The Friend-of

On every retreat, one of your guests will bring someone you’ve never met before, be it a significant other, a best friend, a sister or college buddy. This is a chance to expand your network and show someone what you’ve got. Make a point to get to know them and provide some personal attention — they might just become one of your next clients. As a student new to you and your style, it’s important to check in to ensure their comfort.

The Practitioner

They take their practice very seriously. A retreat for them may be a chance to perfect a skill they’ve been working on or perfect their discipline. Take a moment to help them drill down on how some of the aspects of their life outside of the studio might be limiting their progress like their diet or sleep habits to help them get to the next level. Through the fully immersive experience of a retreat and your expertise, you can help them level-up.

Your Mom.

The OG of your fan club. She may not always “get it” or be as athletic as she once was, but she supports everything you do. She’ll be up for anything, there to support you and your guests and might even pack some snacks. Maybe even a sibling, aunt or cousin can join — family reunion!