8 Destinations That Should Be On Every Yogi’s Bucket List

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Travel is one of the most deep and enriching experiences a person can ever have. Perhaps this is why so many yogis set off across the globe seeking the authenticity and gratitude that can be found only through stepping out of our comfort zones — literally.

If they aren’t already included, be sure to add these to your list of destinations to check off!

1. Thailand

Connect with your spiritual side as well as your surroundings. In Buddhist Thailand religious devotion is a colorful and ubiquitous spectacle. With ancient temples, crystal clear waters and lush jungles, the setting naturally lends itself to inner journeys of self reflection.

2. Mexico

Culinary delights aside, ancient Mayan ruins, refreshing cenotes and powdery beaches when coupled with the genuine warmth and joy of its people could kindle any yogi’s soul in Mexico.

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3. Greece

Connect with your inner goddess with the backdrop of the undeniably striking visuals of Greece’s local architecture juxtaposed with the deep azul of the Mediterranean. However, the abundance of thousands of years of history remains the perfect reminder of how small a place we occupy in this world and how little time we have in it.

4. Costa Rica

The ultimate destination to commune with nature, Costa Rica offers an opportunity to truly disconnect. Both remote mountain retreats and beachside hideaways boast ample opportunity to soak in the natural beauty of your surroundings and even spot some wildlife. Enliven your soul and embody the ¡Pura Vida!

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5. Morocco

The exoticism of Morocco with unfamiliar sights, sounds and tastes transports any traveler to another state of mind. The serenity that can be found by immersing the self in an utterly foreign environment alone is worth the trip. But the country also boasts a vibrancy that is a common thread found in everything from brightly colored architecture to thriving spice markets beckoning you to come alive.

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6. Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s laid-back culture has been carefully cultivated by its close-knit community of alternative lifestyle junkies – surfers, artists, musicians and everything in between. Breathtaking ocean views and some of the best food Central America has to offer (gallo pinto, anyone?) make this a not to miss destination for any yogi looking to escape the everyday and connect with a unique community.

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7. Spain

Experience the deep peace of the bucolic Spanish countryside. Andalusia’s rolling hills covered in shimmering fields of wheat and golden sunflowers. The purity of traditional and simple Spanish country way of life surrounds you affording an opportunity to truly recenter and reconnect.

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8. Iceland

Be awed by the stark beauty of the natural world in Iceland. Immerse yourself in the elements through hot springs, sweeping vistas, ethereal northern lights and colossal glaciers. The sheer vastness of your surroundings provide a humbling experience of the tiny place we occupy in this immense and powerful world.

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