5 Questions to Ask Before Hosting a Retreat

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Ambassadors | 0 comments

Hosting a retreat can be an amazing experience, but before you get started, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you and your guests have an incredible experience!

Who will join my retreat?

When considering hosting a retreat, always keep in mind who will be joining the retreat and take into account their needs. Will your retreat be filled with private clients who have never met one another, people who attend your classes together, family or friends? Whoever they may be, if you start by focusing your intention on providing guests with a great experience, you’ll begin in the right direction.

What should I teach?

Guests are joining your retreat for the unique perspective you provide. As their instructor, because you know them best and will be teaching the classes, you are in the best position to provide programming that is meaningful and valuable to them. Take some time to reflect on the opportunity to truly immerse your attendees through a retreat and what they might gain during a more intimate intensive experience with your teaching philosophy.

When should we go?

Aside from finding an opening in your own busy schedule, there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a retreat date. Will your dates conflict with any holidays? In addition to reducing the number of people available to join your retreat, holiday pricing can drive other costs up at hotels and for flights. Will school schedules interrupt your plans? Is it high season/ low season? What will the weather be like? It can be a lot to think about!

Where should we go?

There is much to consider when selecting a location for your retreat. Have your guests always dreamt of the jungles of Costa Rica, or perhaps the beaches of Bali? What kind of experience will your guests be comfortable with? Is a rustic yurt with shared outdoor bathrooms an adventure to them… or would they be more inclined toward a luxury experience? What amenities are on their must-have lists: a pool, wifi, air conditioning? Is there enough space for all your guests? Finding exactly the right spot for you and your guests can be a challenge!

Why am I hosting?

There are many reasons to host a retreat. Certainly, hosting a retreat is great for your business — a way to diversify your income, bolster your brand, retain clients and differentiate yourself. But hosting a retreat is personally gratifying as well. It’s an achievement that allows you to travel and experience the world. Retreats are an opportunity for you to share your talent with your guests in a truly immersive experience in an intimate setting that is different from any other. So as you begin to plan your retreat, keep in mind your reasons for doing so and retain those at the heart of your strategy.

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